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Contour Connect View for Contour GPSContour Connect View for Contour GPS
The Connect View for your Contour GPS allows you to use your iPhone or iPod touch as an external wireless viewing screen and setting adjustment device. This small card and simple to use application allows you to see what your camera sees in real time so you can line up and fine tune your camera to get that perfect shot.Connect View is two components: The card that you purchase and install in your Contour GPS camera and the free Contour application that you download from iTunes onto your iPhone or iPod Touch.FEATURES:bViewing ScreenbThe Live View screen allows you to view what your camera sees at 4 frames per second. It also shows:liGPS signal strength indicatorliBattery life indicatorliMemory indicator memory left on your camerabSettings ScreenbThe settings screen allows you to fine tune your camera based on changing conditions.bVideobliMode - Video modes and photo settingsliQuality - Bit rateliFrame rate - NTSC PAL or Photo ratebAudiobliMic levelbGPSbliOnOffbLightingbliMetering - average counter spot etc.liConditions - cloudy sunny overcast and othersbDefaultsbliReset to default settings

Part Number: 4000

Contour GPS HD 1080P Wearable Video CameraContour GPS HD 1080P Wearable Video Camera
Add an entire new layer to your storytelling with the Contour GPS HD Wearable Video Camera. The built-in GPS receiver tracks your location multiple times per second with pinpoint accuracy so you are able to capture your location speed and altitude while recording beautiful hands free HD.Make your video come to life with the Contour software. Watch your run via interactive map and video player that allows you to see and control the action. Challenge and compare stats with your friends to see who measures up.liChoose between 3 resolutions 2 frame rates or a still photo mode so that you can get the best shot.liNASA scientist developed Omni-directional microphone captures rich sounds while keeping wind noise to a minimum.liEnhanced locking back door.liRed LED underneath larger record switch.Video Resolutions:liFull HD - 1080p - 15minGBliTall HD - 960p - 15minGBliAction HD - 720p - 15minGBliContour HD - 720p - 30minGBliStill Photo Mode - 6 rates of speed 1 2 5 10 30 60bLens:b 135 degreesbMemory:b Removable MicroSDbCapacity:b 32GB 2GB includedbBattery Type:b RemovableRechargeable Lithium Ion about 4 hrs recording timebSize:b 3length x 1.5width x 2height weighs 5.2 oz.

Part Number: 1400

Contour HD 1080P Wearable Video CameraContour HD 1080P Wearable Video Camera
ContourHD 1080p is the Worlds First Full HD Wearable Camcorder to shoot and share 1080p video. Perfect for an outdoor enthusiast looking for the ultimate video quality you can configure. It features four HD settings 1080p 960p and two at 720p with two frame rates 30fps and 60fps and four configurable settings metering contrast exposure and microphone sensitivity. But most important the CountourHD software will share your adventures in Lifelike 1080p video to VholdR.com. With its single button operation and dual lasers for alignment ContourHD 1080p brings the biggest HD video online with the popular and easy to use ContourHD camcorder lineFeatures: A camera that records video to itself no more wires Smooth full-frame TV quality video Includes a direct portal to share videos on YouTube Share in the video experience with your customers System includes: Camera helmet mount goggle mount extra adhesive 2GB SD card USB cable and rechargeable battery

Part Number: 1300

Contour HD Car ChargerContour HD Car Charger
Charge your camera on the go. Keep recording while charging your camera or power down to recharge even faster. Note: VholdR is compatible for charging only.

Part Number: 2900

Contour HD Carrying CaseContour HD Carrying Case
Pack your ContourHD Wearable Camcorder up to 4 microSD cards an extra battery and a USB cable with you where ever you go. This compact but durable case is the perfect compliment to make sure your wearable cam and accessories never get lost in your gear bag.

Part Number: 3200

Contour HD Flat Surface MountContour HD Flat Surface Mount
An extra Flat Surface Mount to attach the ContourHD or VholdR Wearable Camcorder virtually anywhere. Ideal for non-vented helmets and flat surfaces this mount uses an all-weatherproof removable adhesive pad to adhere to almost any surface.

Part Number: 2150

Contour HD Goggle Strap MountContour HD Goggle Strap Mount
Wear your ContourHD or VholdR Helmet Camera on your goggles. Slide your strap into the mount click the rails in place and you are ready to record whatever you see completely hands free.

Part Number: 2650

Contour HD Handlebar MountContour HD Handlebar Mount
The New Handle Bar Mount puts your ContourHD or VholdR Wearable Camcorder in the middle of the action. Lie your camera on its side rotate the lens 90 degrees and slide it onto the top of the mount. Tighten the mount down to fit any standard 29mm handle bars and with a 360 degree rotation you can shoot at any angle.

Part Number: 2780

Contour HD Lens KitContour HD Lens Kit
The Lens Kit is a little TLC for your ContourHD or VholdR Wearable Camcorder. It includes extra lens covers and even a replacement Lens Ring for when you put it through the ringer. And even better with the Lens Adaptor Ring you can now screw on a standard 37mm lens filter to get the perfect shot in the toughest lighting conditions.

Part Number: 3400

Contour HD Replacement BatteryContour HD Replacement Battery
Use your spare battery to continue recording the action. Get up to an additional 2 hrs VholdR and up to 3 hrs ContourHD of record time. Recharge using your USB cable with your ContourHD or VholdR Helmet Cam.

Part Number: 2350

Contour HD Replacement Mount AdhesiveContour HD Replacement Mount Adhesive
Replacement Adhesive Pads to remount your Flat Surface Mount. Ideal for flat non-porous and clean surfaces

Part Number: 2250

Contour HD Universal Mount AdapterContour HD Universal Mount Adapter
Now your ContourHD or VholdR Wearable Camcorder is ideal for your favorite camera mounts. Universal Mount Adapter includes TRails on both sides has a female 14-20 screw on the bottom to screw your camera to any mounts or tripods that have their own male -20 screw.

Part Number: 3100

Contour HD USB Wall ChargerContour HD USB Wall Charger
An international wall charger to plug your ContourHD Wearable Camcorder directly into the wall. Charge the single battery in the camera or connect the wall charger to the USB Battery Charger sold separately. Select the plug for the country connect the USB to your camera and in about 4 hours your camera will be ready to rejoin the action.

Part Number: 2450

Contour HD Vented Helmet MountContour HD Vented Helmet Mount
The New Vented Helmet Mount has been given a serious upgrade in how the mount tightens and clamps down to your helmet. Find your mounting location slide the straps through and cinch them down. Slide your ContourHD or VholdR Wearable Camcorder on the rails and you are ready to go. Oh yeah and tilt the camera forward or back to find the best angle.

Part Number: 2550

Contour HD Waterproof CaseContour HD Waterproof Case
The new Waterproof Case fits your ContourHD and ContourHD1080p Wearable Camcorder like a hard plastic glove. Slide your ContourHD into the case latch it down and begin capturing your favorite water adventures. Dont worry the waterproof case keeps your favorite functionality like a single record button laser alignment and TRail mounts. Even better are the two safety latches on the back of the case to lock it onto any of the TRail mounts. Suitable for the VholdR Wearable Camcorder as well but with limited functionality on the record switch and power button.Features: Waterproof up to 10 meters Compatible with trail mounts andor standard 14-20 mounts

Part Number: 3300

Contour HD Windshield MountContour HD Windshield Mount
A powerful suction cup mount from our friends at Panavise attaches your ContourHD or VholdR Helmet Camera to any windshield or car body. This well designed mount makes it simple to turn tilt and rotate your car camera 360. Suction pad advised for windshields and flat non-porous surfaces.

Part Number: 2800

Contour ROAM HD 1080P Wearable Video CameraContour ROAM HD 1080P Wearable Video Camera
The ContourROAM is the ideal camera for a fun and easy experience capturing your adventures anywhere life takes you. Just slide the record switch and youre instantly filming beautiful HD video. The award-winning design is tough compact waterproof to one meter and versatile which means you can use your ContourROAM anywhere anytime and capture all the action you want.Record up to 8 hours of 1080p video 12 hours of 720p video on a 32GB MicroSD card sold separately then use the free Contour Storyteller App to easily transfer and share your videos with your friends and the cruisercustomizing.com community.bEASY TO USEb Shooting video should be simple and fun. With the ContourROAM weve introduced one-step recording. Just slide the record switch and youre instantly filming. Easy as that. Its the ideal camera for a fun stress-free experience capturing your adventures anywhere life takes you. The ContourROAM is incredibly intuitive and easy to use with a sleek award-winning design and a laser that helps you level the camera and get the right shot every time.bBEAUTIFUL HD VIDEOb The ContourROAM records the action with a 170 super wide-angle lens capturing all the backgrounds and peripheral moments that can be missed with a narrower field of view. Sophisticated camera technology automatically adjusts the exposure and white balance ensuring crisp beautiful video every time. You can choose between three different video resolutions 720p 960p and 1080p or shoot 5 megapixel photos enabling you greater creative flexibility.bWATERPROOFb No need to worry about your camera surviving your next big water adventure the ContourROAM is waterproof to one meter. A sealed gasket protects the cameras insides allowing you to catch the action under water or in the rain sleet or snow. For full submersion sports such as scuba diving or wakeboarding the ContourROAM Waterproof Case provides totally dryness up to 60 meters beneath the surface.bSUPER TOUGHb Mud. Dirt. Snow. Rain. The places you roam ca

Part Number: 1600
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